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Christina Reihill at the launch of Soul Burgers, a breathtaking story of hope told in verse, by Christina Reihill held at IMMA. The launch was marked with a dramatic Druidic ceremony styled by Deryn Mackay of Khan Boutique, featuring the actress Charlotte Bradley and designs from Irish designer Roisin Linnane-photo Kieran Harnett

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The ???Druids??? who wore ethereal, druid inspired cloaks with lace and chiffon by Irish designer Roisin Linnane, included the actress Charlotte Bradley, models Sharon Bacon, Martina Coffey, Irma Mali and fashion designers Rachel Mackay and  Roisin Linnane. 

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Each project interprets the book’s expression as a “container of soul”.

SoulBurgers employs language to prompt a response. We use words as agents of experience, be they for a community, the individual or a business.


For example,  CONNECT in bold letters on the Dart line matches HELLO at  another station. An installation with THE BEST PRESENCE IS PRESENCE blazed in white on a dimly lit wall in a theatre space prompts another but different reaction. The work of SoulBurgers is underpinned with a deep understanding of psychology and language and focuses on the visceral quality of language: the physicality of words.


Our projects vary enormously but aim to evoke a response. We cross all mediums and within these frameworks create optimum experience. It’s not enough for our work to look beautiful,  it must prompt feeling too; it must evoke something in the soul of “other”.  In our art pieces, we work on wood, stone and fabric. Our work has won endorsements, critical acclaim and a prestigious award. The studio was born from the acclaimed book of the same name – which can be found in our shop.

We enjoy all challenges and we work closely with the needs and wish list of each client.   For example, Irish Rail wanted us to use ply board for our canvasses instead of painting directly onto the brick walls. The Rutland Centre were keen to identify alarming new figures on medication addictions when we worked with them. No brief is too small or complicated- we enjoy all challenges!